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Wondering what the real cost of a Meridian bail bond is? Use our Idaho free bail bond calculator and get an approximate cost of your surety bond. No need to enter any personal information, ever! Have questions about bail or bail financing, please call us at ###.###.####

A bail bonds calculator uses a simple flat fee of 10% (which is called the bail premium). So for example, if your bail was $10,000 the amount you would need to pay the Meridian bail bonds premium would be $1,000 (plus the Sheriff Fee).

Meridian bail agents use a minimum bond fee of $100. This means that if your bail is lower than $1000, the normal 10% premium would need to meet a threshold to write the bond. Which is why some bondsmen will tell you to try and use your own money to pay 100% of the bond to the city to help save you costs.

The extra $10 added on to your bond is a Sheriffs fee which is collected and sent to the sheriff of the county where the bond was written. It could be higher in some circumstances depending on the county jail location.

Find out now how to get a zero down, online bail bond today. Use this handy Idaho bail bonds calculator to determine what you might pay if you financed your bail:

Bail Bond Loan Premium Fees Calculator

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Bail Bond Schedule

Use this handy Idaho bail bond schedule to easily figure what you might pay for a Meridian bail bond:

Bail Amount10% PremiumSheriff FeeBAIL COST

How to Get Zero Down Bail Bonds

Find out now how to get a zero down, online bail bond today. Watch this video on how to use an Idaho online bail bonds calculator, how bail bonds calculators work and the best way to secure zero down bail in Idaho.

If my bail is $2,000, how much do I pay the bondsman?

If your bail is $2000 then the bond amount you would pay (the premium) would be $200 + any additional Sheriff Fees. Use the bail bonds calculator with any amount for bail.

Do I get my bail money back when my case is complete?

No. The premium that you paid is non-refundable. Think of this as a service fee where you only paid 10% of the entire bond while the bondsman covered the other 90%.

Why should I use a bondsman to pay bail?

An arrest is usually unexpected. So using a bondsman allows you to only spend 10% of the complete bond amount. When you calculate your bail, you’ll see that you will have 90% of the bond that you can use for a lawyer, food, rent or whatever bills you have.

How do you calculate Idaho bail payments?

When you use our Idaho bail calculator, you will simply enter the bond amount. The bail calculator will then show what the premium is you need to pay. If you wanted to finance your bail bond it also shows how much you would need to put down and then the monthly payments amounts (agreed upon by your bondsman).

Why would I need to put money down on my bail for financing?

Your Meridian bail bondsman owes a percentage of the bond to the insurance company. That cost is covered by your down payment. This is where the bail bonds calculator comes in handy. It will show exactly what your down payment would be.

How do I get “zero down” bail bonds calculated?

In order to get zero down bail bonds calculated, you would need to meet a certain criteria for the bond. 1. Good credit history 2. Stable employment with years at the same company 3. Member of the community 4. Own your own home for at least 2 years. There are more details and you should ask your bondsmen after calculating your bail bond.

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